~ Kitaro

Once a long, long time ago
Setting out to find our dreams
Lost in memories of olden days
Sometimes rising in the spring
Glowing, shining comes the sun
Golden day beams come through to me now

Those who know the firebird
Try to find forever the dreams
Try to find forever the way, my way

Caravan, journey in the sky
As the sun comes out from the day
Caravan, we know who we are
We discover where or when

Caravan, now we find the love
Love shimmering and soon our love is gone

Come with me and take my hand
Memories of the past unfold
With you I live them once again
From my beating heart, my hand
Feels my warmth and love within
And I wonder when the spring will come

Do we ever really know for sure?
Will we travel on and on?
Someday we’ll be standing up
got to live

We are all travellers…


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